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Got A Minute? Learn More About “Baseball On The Clock” And Other MLB Innovations Via This ESPN Video

Karl Ravech narrates this animated explanation of major rule changes as Opening Day unfolds on numerous ESPN platforms

As the 2023 Major League Baseball season gets underway, there is more optimism and excitement than ever before as MLB has implemented a series of new rules designed to provide more action, a faster pace, and shorter game lengths.

Subsequently, ESPN is first out of the gate to document these rule changes with its exclusive presentation of MLB Opening Night Presented by Frontdoor tonight when the reigning World Series Champion Houston Astros host the Chicago White Sox (7 ET). Coverage starts with Baseball Tonight.

ESPN’s best-in-class commentary teams will provide expert analysis of the new rules. In addition, ESPN’s innovative production team has implemented an on-screen pitch clock to provide a better visual understanding of the impact on pitchers and hitters.

In the video above, Karl Ravech, Sunday Night Baseball play-by-play commentator, voices over an entertaining and informative cartoon that provides fans an overview of the new rules and what to expect on the playing field.

For more ESPN insights on the new MLB rules, check out the transcript of its recent media conference with commentators Alex Rodriguez and Michael Kay and with Ravech, David Cone, and Eduardo Perez.

Hope springs eternal on Opening Day, and ESPN is ready to take you out to the ballgame. It’s time to play ball!

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