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Collinsworth Honored to Share Jaguars Veteran’s Story of Perseverance and Teamwork

Go inside Jacksonville Jaguars strength coach Sean Karpf’s story, which will be featured on Sunday NFL Countdown (10 a.m. –…
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Special Olympics athlete, Army veteran focus of upcoming ESPN feature

ESPN has partnered with the Special Olympics to tell 50 stories of game changers or game-changing events in the inclusion…
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E:60’s “Hailey’s Hand” is pitch perfect

Young Hailey Dawson, from Henderson, Nev., is featured on this week's E:60, where the incredible story of her robotic hand…
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“Tyler’s strength, his faith, his fandom and his sense of humor are all remarkable.”

College GameDay's (Saturday, 9 a.m. ET, ESPN) Tom Rinaldi discusses his reporting on Purdue fan Tyler Trent's battle with cancer.
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Kriegel delves into the enigma that is Terence Crawford: “I’ve never met anyone like him.”

Preview ESPN boxing analyst Mark Kriegel's profile of boxer Terence Crawford, airing tonight before the champ's weigh-in (5:30 ET, ESPN2)…
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ESPN’s Shelley Smith is a teacher, a reporter and so much more

Versatile reporter Shelley Smith recently returned to ESPN after a two-month hiatus. Between covering the NFL and teaching at USC,…
Monday Night Football

Familiar Perspective: Beisner-Buck Profiles A Broncos Cheerleader

For Monday Night Countdown (6 p.m. ET, ESPN2), Michelle Beisner-Buck profiles a member of the Denver Broncos cheerleaders; the reporter…
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Sunday NFL Countdown Documents Tomlin’s Life-Changing Trip

Sunday NFL Countdown has a riveting report on Steelers coach Mike Tomlin visiting the Dominican Republic and Haiti to learn…
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Ninja breaks through for historic ESPN The Magazine cover

How does working with a gamer differ from working with a mainstream athlete? ESPN The Magazine's answer regarding cover subject…

Journalism On Display: Nichols, Rinaldi Shine In Big Moments

In the span of four days, ESPN landed lengthy sit-down interviews with two major figures in sports, with both one-on-ones…
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Bringing The “Fight”: GameDay Features Bond Between USC Coach And Embattled Football Fan

"The approach to the story was simple: Try to convey the depth of that friendship and bond to the viewer…

“He Loves Working With Me And I Just Put Up With Him”

Back from maternity leave, Elle Duncan returns to SportsCenter:AM Saturday and reunites with co-anchor Matt Barrie.
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Keeping McCullough story secret was key for Spain’s riveting, incredible E:60 piece

How did Sarah Spain tell the story of Chiefs RB coach Deland McCullough's journey to find out who his biological…
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” . . . We tried to stay out of the way and let the Sullivan family tell the story of what happened”

E:60 producer explains his approach on profile of a Notre Dame student who died filming football practice in 2010.
ESPN The Magazine

“I didn’t write about this in the story, but I found it on a wall in the locker room of his former high school”

Seth Wickersham takes readers inside his ESPN The Magazine cover story on OBJ.