Oregon Duck

Behind The Scenes

To celebrate 20 years of Corso getups, review some favorite Gameday mascot gear

Twenty years ago today, Lee Corso made his first College GameDay selection with the use of mascot gear. To celebrate,…

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ESPN The Magazine

Frosty the Duck is model of composure for ESPN The Magazine’s College Football Issue

Despite appearances, Frosty The Duck was not close to becoming "duck flambé" during his ESPN The Magazine photo session. Learn…

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The Monday Lineup: 9 ESPN moments from the weekend and for the week ahead

Some of what you may have missed over the weekend and what’s coming up from ESPN: 1. The World Series…

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THE LINEUP: Mike & Mike crew’s 7 favorite bobbleheads
(Plus: Bobblehead time-lapse)

A few months back, Front Row proudly brought you “Behind the Bobbleheads” of  Mike & Mike’s deep desk of nodders and…

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