Scott Matthews


Team Player: Doris Burke
and Scott Matthews

Doris Burke is an NBA media pioneer who cherishes her college hoops roots working with producer Scott Matthews.

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Behind The Scenes

ESPN producers hail Musburger, recipient of Sports Emmy for lifetime achievement

Tonight in NY, Brent Musburger will receive a Sports Emmy honoring his legendary career. ESPN producers salute Musburger.

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The Monday Lineup: 8 ESPN moments from the weekend PLUS HR Derby format changes

ESPN's telecast of the Gillette Home Run Derby tonight will feature a brand new format to the contest, several unique…

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ICYMI: The week on Front Row; PLUS, highlights from the ESPYS

Whatever happened to “the replacement refs” the NFL used for a portion of the 2012 season? In the video above,…

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Going, Going, Gone: A look at ESPN’s Home Run Derby distance tracker

Producer Scott Matthews was first assigned to the Home Run Derby in late 2010. Days later, he joined a group…

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