Scott Van Pelt


From SC Featured to the Big Screen: The Remarkable Journey of Arthur the King


ESPN Colleagues Including Qerim Rose, Greenberg and Van Pelt Remember Kurt Ackerman

Behind The Scenes

Off Channel: Van Pelt on Apple TV+ and Connelly on Showtime

ESPN History

#TBT: “It felt like we were serving up a delicious slice of Americana to those who had never heard of this particular flavor”

Journalism Showcase

Journalism On Display: Sports and Social Matters Intersect


“In difficult circumstances, the best of our people has been on full display”


Enjoy A Sneak Peek At PTI’s “New” Studio Set, Debuting Monday On ESPN

ESPN History

The Inside Story of SportsCenter’s “Big Show” Reunion From Two Of The Episode’s Producers

Intern Chronicles

Intern Chronicles: What Happens During The ESPN Intern Symposium?

ESPN Audio

Memory Lane: SVP & Russillo Are Together Again With Debut Of Monthly Podcast Tonight


“A woman whose journey has been almost as incredible as the act that’s earned her millions of fans.”


“From the minute I stepped foot on the grounds, I could feel that this year was going to be different.”


All Things ESPN And Tiger Woods You Can’t Afford To Miss

Get Up!

“For those of us who love the game, there’s nothing like this.”


You’re Going to Disney World! SVP Surprises Johnny Agar With Disney Marathon News

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