ESPN and ABC sportscaster Brent Musburger has made acting cameos in everything from Rocky II to The Waterboy to the animated Cars 2.

Wednesday night at 9:30 ET on ABC, Musburger co-stars on the ABC sitcom Happy Endings.

The show — which airs after comedy powerhouse Modern Family — depicts the lives of six young friends in a big city.

In fact, Endings is like Friends — only funnier.

Musburger is involved in this episode that the show’s official Facebook page describes this way: “Have you ever lied to avoid hanging out with your significant other’s friends? What about getting a hotel room in town for a little staycation to avoid spending time with her sorority sister? Can Brad pull it off. . . ?”

In the interview below, Musburger tells Front Row what working on Endings was like.”

FR: Usually when you make movie cameos you’re asked to be Brent Musburger, sportscaster. After your first scene, did Happy Endings give you a chance to break out of sportscaster mode?

Musberger: It was much more laidback circumstance. We were in a mock hotel sitting at the bar and just chilling out – a nice place to be.

FR: How familiar were you with this sitcom?

Musburger: With my travel schedule, I can’t say I’ve seen all that many shows other than sports so not really familiar with it but I became familiar with it after the two-day shoot.

FR: The Happy Endings cast is known for its improv. How much did you participate in that?

Musburger: Live sports casting is the ultimate improv. They had a general theme so I did a lot of improv for them. They knew a lot about me, so it made it easy for me.

FR: What is that mask you’re wearing in one of the scenes?

Musburger: It was a diving mask, but I don’t want to reveal the plot.

FR: How did you fit this appearance in between your various ESPN/ABC assignments?

Musburger: That was the easy part. I have friends in Los Angeles so I was able to go see some of them. They shot the scene on Monday and my workload gets really busy by Wednesday.

FR: What’s next for you on the acting horizon?

Musburger: Since they’re not doing a Waterboy 2, I’m hoping they make Cars 3 and bring Brent Mustangburger back… I don’t have to wear any make up for that! I’m very upset that Antonio Banderas is getting more publicity for Puss In Boots than I did for Cars 2.