Statements on Jeremy Lin headline and question

Last night,’s mobile web site posted an offensive headline referencing Jeremy Lin at 2:30 am ET. The headline was removed at 3:05 am ET. We are conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures and are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. We regret and apologize for this mistake

(Statement also appears on ESPN’s MediaZone)

Wednesday night on ESPNEWS, an anchor used an inappropriate word in asking a question about Jeremy Lin. ESPN apologizes for the incident, and is taking steps to avoid this in the future.

(Statement also appears on ESPN’s MediaZone)

  • MaDuke

    Was it inappropriate? Absolutely, should have never been allowed, however – fire the violators and lets continue to watch the sport and support the players. The media industry are the only ones who beat a dead horse. We heard Jeremy Lin’s words and how he feels. Now lets watch the sport and support our players. Let move on already!

  • Doyle Smith

    To ESPN and all the jumpers on the bandwagon. (op’s I wonder if bandwagon might offend someone somewhere?) I ask forgiveness if it did!!!! Look in your dictionary folks, XXXXX (Moderator Edit), is a real word, with a real meaning, which has nothing to do with race. ESPN say’s they are doing an investigation, well, why would you fire someone before you complete the investigation. I have watched Lin and was caught up in the excitement as others are. ESPN implies there were other statements made although they don’t tell us what those were. Mr Lin should speak with those people involved himself. This is not fair to him as well as those fired. People are all caught up in this free speech thing and yet they freak out because someone uses a word which is perfectly in order, but can also be used by jerks as a slur (not a real word). I am embarred for you people and ESPN. AND UNDERSTAND, if these people used it as a slur, they should be disciplined. I don’t even know who these people are so I have no dog in the race. Sorry again, I didn’t mean to say “race”. Must have offended you bandwagon jumpers out there who want to be so perfect and need to jump on every wagon that comes by to show how thoughtful and PC you are. By the way,they have doctors out there who can help you get over your guilt trips. ESPN is a spineless bunch who is willing to sacrifice anyone to please a few guilt ridden PC freaks. Shame

  • John C. Chang

    @steve segerman and anyone who actually had to look up the word c***k in the dictionary: are you for real? Seriously, who doesn’t know what the word means, in either way? The fact that you had to even look it up proves you didn’t hear the word hurled at you everyday growing up. And therefore you are in no position to say whether it is offensive or not. It “has nothing to do with being an ethnic slur about someone from China”??? Seriously where are you from? How is it even POSSIBLE for you to say that? Do you KNOW or have spoken to ANY person of chinese heritage? Because you so painfully obviously don’t. The next time you want your rant to have any merit it would help if you come across educated to begin with. Should I define education for you too?

  • Ed

    Go to and search for the phrase “redneck” and you’ll find 52 search results.

    Since you people are bound and determined to hop on the “PC” bandwagon I expect to hear about a whole bunch of people losing their jobs over this.

  • John C. Chang

    And Steve, his name is Jeremy LIN, not liNN. Thank you.

  • Brandon

    Considering ESPN has Editors; Producers and so forth, you would assume C—- in the Armor used to question Jeremy Lin would be a red flag due to the fact that he is a “c—-“. If used on Kobe Bryant, sure no problem but often Asians are victims of Racism and we often do not react to ignorant people and are even typecasted and stereotyped in hollywood to not react to racism and to remain silent and quiet.

    People think its okay to associate orange chicken or to say i love jackie chan when they find out your chinese. What does that have to do with who the person is?

    Just because we do not react does not mean it is okay to give us racist remarks.