The forces of nature were against him. The forces of ESPN were likewise aligned like a brick wall at the finish line. They came to Fontana Field at Southington (Conn.) High School not to praise Colin Cowherd, but to bury him and his claim he could run an under-6 minute, 30-second mile.

But neither Mother Nature nor Team Hater could stop the so-called “sinewy” Seattle native from breaking the purported barrier.

In the video above, watch as Colin conquers the #HerdMile challenge – convincingly and with no hint of hubris.

Colin Cowherd ran a 6:11 mile beating his projected time by nearly 20 seconds.

  • Tayler

    “Rece Davis you remember where you were.” Haha Classic.

  • Rick Rivas

    Great job Colin you had more haters than lebron and still came through love your show I listen every morning keep up the good work congradulations