Behind The Scenes

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

2:43 PM EDT – Final Four star visits Finance

UConn’s Kemba Walker keeps a close watch on the Finance department’s Sarah L. Bohnenkamp.

2:38 PM EDT – Empty calories

The Health And FItness Center remains quiet in the middle of the afternoon.

2:35 PM EDT – Put me in, Coach

Chicago Cubs fan and production assistant Alex Orozco heads for a workout before Opening Day.

2:32 PM EDT – New York: Garage band

In New York, ESPN The Magazine’s staff gathers in the garage conference room.

2:30 PM EDT – New York: Global Strategy Meeting

Executive VP and Managing Director of ESPN International Russell Wolff leads a discussion in our New York offices.

2:25 PM EDT – New York: It’s a big world after all

Leaders of ESPN’s networks around the world consider strategies.

2:34 PM EDT – Favorite Olympic Sport?  Curling

Anchor Mike Hill grabs the curling iron in make-up room to prepare Michelle Beadle for SportsNation.

2:09 p.m. EDT  The Bottom Line is we have parking

Editors Aaron Shea and Marvin Pittman in the BottomLine news room.

2:14 p.m. EDT  We even have TVs in the parking lot!

We have to move these color TVs.  Hector Ortiz and Alexis Gomez wheel a 3D set.

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