Behind The Scenes

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

9:15 PM EDT Charlotte, N.C.: Waiting At The Gate

Steadicam Operator Erik Barone checks out the progress of “A Day In The Life” while waiting for his flight back to CT. He spent the day shooting at the ESPNU studios.

9:17 PM EDT Seeing Into The Future

Technology staff evaluates next generation application tools.

9:20 PM EDT Los Angeles: Ali At LA LIVE

ESPNLA staff members Michael Funches and Skyler Tobey stand in the exact right position in the middle of the L.A. LIVE Plaza to observe the image of Muhammad Ali. The two-story art structure is titled “ReALIze,” designed by the artist Kalish, features 1,300 boxing speed bags which align to form the 2-D vision of Ali’s face.

9:23 PM EDT Los Angeles: One-On-24

Audio operator Darrell Grejdus takes time out from mixing to guard Kobe Bryant on the Nacion set.

9:25 PM EDT Miami: Rasmussen Honored

ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen received the Legends Award by the SBJ World Congress Of Sports.

9:47 PM EDT Lights, Camera, Action

Fernando Palomo, ESPN Deportes studio host, prepares for another installment of Fuera de Juego.

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