Behind The Scenes

Week in review

This past week on ESPN Front Row we learned how the WNBA’s draft unfolded on the Bristol campus, how covered a dramatic final round of the Masters, and how the network plans to cover the NBA playoffs.

Multimedia producer Dave S. Williams captured some behind-the-scenes footage of the WNBA draft he shares with Front Row. This marked the first time a pro league has conducted it player selection process at ESPN’s headquarters.

“My role is to capture some of the action behind the scenes and away from the camera’s lens. There are hundreds of my colleagues working on any given project that may never step foot into the studio or under the spotlight,” said Williams.
“This is just a glimpse of what it took for all of ESPN’s departments to come together.”

What’s to come on Front Row?

This weekend, we’ll review one columnist’s “Bucket List.” What sports experiences are missing when you’ve covered sports on six “populated” continents?

Next week, we’ll reveal some ways ESPN is keeping “green” as Earth Day approaches.

We’ll also take a look at how covers one of its busiest sports days, visit with a Heisman Trophy winner, and examine English soccer from a rare vantage point for an American.

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