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Previewing ESPN Radio’s new digs

It’s a great feeling when you move into a new home. There’s more space, bigger rooms, and maybe even some extra amenities you never thought you’d have. It’s so exciting you can’t wait to welcome friends over to see it.

Multiply that by 10 and you understand the sense of pride Brian Janes exudes while showing guests around the new ESPN Radio studios which will be officially unveiled at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday afternoon in Bristol.

The festivities will be part of a day-long “Audio Avenue” event when ESPN Radio’s four owned-and-operated stations (ESPN New York 1050, 710 ESPN in Los Angeles, ESPN 1000 Chicago, ESPN 103.3 in Dallas) and 13 other affiliates will broadcast various shows from the quad in the heart of the ESPN campus.

What are the new studios like?

When entering the new ESPN Radio area in building 2, you are immediately greeted by an “ESPN Audio Distribution” scoreboard. It beckons you to walk towards it, past the big red “On Air” wall lights and team logo wall coverings.

Compared to the “old” ESPN Radio space, you’re almost reminded of watching The Wizard of Oz when the picture transforms from black-and-white to color.

Janes, a Radio Engineer, proudly described the new facilities — under construction the past nine months — as if it was his firstborn.

He describes, in the video shot by Multimedia Editor Mark Caswell above, the new screening area — capable of producing 2,000 highlights a week — as a “huge upgrade,” and the studio control room combos as “the crown jewels” of the expansion.

All told, the addition of six control rooms, two studios, two news booths, the screening room, and a show prop area allow ESPN Radio to deliver even more content than ever before, including play-by-play, digital delivery, podcasts and Deportes Spanish-language offerings.

For a sneak preview of what Audio Avenue looks like — and to get a “programming guide” — check out the slide show below.

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