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Huard: Seeing is believing

Trick-shot videos are all over the Internet and are favorite features on ESPN’s SportsNation.

College Football Live analyst, ESPNSeattle radio co-host and former NFL quarterback Brock Huard decided to partake in his own shoot on ESPN’s campus last week. Huard breaks out his precision football skills, making six trick shots by “letting it rain” across campus.

How did he do it?

FR: How many takes did you have to use for each trick shot?

Huard: We did all six trick shots in less than 45 minutes of taping. Some of the targets were easier to hit than others, but we managed to make most of them in less than five throws.

FR: Have you practiced trick shots before filming that day, and did you also you practice these specific ones ahead of time?

Huard: I have to admit I have not thrown a football like that in more than five years, and was not able to practice the trick shots ahead of time. We used to throw into garbage cans throughout college and pro ball to help develop touch, but never targets like on campus that day.

FR: Which of the trick shots was the most difficult to master?

Huard: The shot over the glass catwalk and into the garbage can had to be the most difficult. Throwing the ball was really challenging with the depth perception and it was a completely blind throw over the top.

FR: As a trick-shot performer, how would you go about convincing “the doubters” that they are real and not staged?

Huard: I think the only way to convince the doubters out there would be to show the full, unedited tape. They would see how close so many of the misses were and could help them understand the level of accuracy required to do something like this.

FR: Did you come up with the ideas for the targets and where to shoot them from, or were they given to you?

Huard: I worked with the producer and directors of College Football Live to come up with what we thought were creative and fun trick plays.

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