Behind The Scenes

Late Night with NBA Marketing Team

If there’s one constant during the NBA Playoffs, it’s that the storylines change on a nightly basis. Hence, springtime means bleary eyes for those who work on the NBA Marketing campaign. As the final horn sounds at the conclusion of every Conference Final and Finals game, the NBA Marketing Team springs into action and works through the night to get the topical spots ready that promote the next big game on ESPN or ABC.

As soon as the game ends a rotating team consisting of Kevin Sullivan, Hyde Harper (pictured), Kim McKeever, Paul Meehan, Ryan Campbell, Olu Green, Tim Hubbell and Jeff Gonyo collaborate on what the script will be for the spots promoting the next game. Then, one of our two primary NBA voice over artists (Rodd Houston or Kobie Powell) step into the audio booth to record the scripts.

Once the VO has been recorded we can deliver the radio spots while the highlights start coming in via satellite link from the remote trucks at the game. Once all of the best shots from the game are put into place we add the graphics, create all the necessary lengths and versions and then head back into audio to add the sound effects and review the final product.

Right about this time the sun is starting to rise and the deadline to get the new promos into the morning SportsCenter is coming fast. Fortunately, we now have the capability to digitally deliver all of our spots directly to the Commercial Processing team in Bristol. This file-based delivery system saves critical time and money when compared to the fiber optic feeding method we used in previous NBA seasons.

Once we receive confirmation that all of the spots have safely arrived in Bristol and look and sound as they should, we call it a day and start thinking about our prep for the next game.

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