Behind The Scenes

Fanwich Title Tour rocks Bristol

Some 4,738 sandwich lovers can’t be wrong. And they weren’t.

Getting nearly twice as many votes as the second-place Fanwich — The Adam Emmenecker Challenge — The Matt Cain: World Championship Edition sandwich had a reputation to uphold.

Anyone in the San Francisco area could visit Ike Shehadeh and company at Ike’s Deli to taste the myth… the legend… the winning sandwich named after the Giants star.

And sure, that’s great for the million or so Bay area locals.

But the other six billion of us on earth were left wondering, what does this magical Fanwich taste like?

For the 4,000 employees located at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. headquarters, our prayers were answered Monday.

Shehadeh traveled 3,000 miles with a talented team of sandwich makers and a world-class recipe.

Not only were employees treated to free samples of this award-winning Fanwich, we had the chance to snag our own, 12-inch World Championship Edition sandwiches, which were being made fresh at both of our campus cafeterias.

The verdict? Matt Cain should feel honored to be the namesake of this gastronomical masterpiece.

It’s the food equivalent of pitching 21-plus scoreless innings in postseason baseball.

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