Intern Chronicles

Intern Chronicles: Big adjustment

University of Kentucky student Brittany Cervantes is working in ESPN’s Commercial Operations department.

I always seem to get this feeling of anxiety. I’m sure everyone gets it from time to time.

I felt this recently when applying for an internship — but not just any ordinary internship, an internship with ESPN.

I hoped to work for the one department I’ve always dreamed of, Studio Production.

The day finally arrived when I received a phone call from ESPN. After scurrying to answer, I learned that I was selected for an internship.

Excitement immediately took over. I was then told my position would be within the Commercial Operations department.

At first, I had no idea what the internship entailed.

Researching it more, I realized the position did not involve the same skill set as the Studio Production internship.

I felt that Studio Production would be a good fit for me because I knew I could excel at working with the cameras and being involved within the control room.

I realized this when I took a journalism course one semester and was involved in the University of Kentucky’s Student News Network.

While working on the network, I was able to work with cameras on-set and in the control room.

I wasn’t so sure those skills would apply in Commercial Operations, but within the department I’m learning the different aspects of ESPN that people don’t typically get to see.

It gave me a new found respect for the people I work with to see how much time and effort just goes into the commercials we watch on the ESPN networks.

But in the end, my apprehension didn’t matter. I was going to be working in Bristol, Conn. for ESPN.

The first day of the internship soon arrived, training and all.

Although I did not know what was in store, I was eager and ready to learn. After the first few days of training with the Commercial Operations department, I came to understand that there was a lot more involved with ESPN than production and what is seen on television.

I then began to realize that I was learning about the behind the scenes jobs many people did not know existed.

After arriving on the ESPN campus for Rookie Camp, I completely fell in love with the culture of the company.

Although I did not receive the position I had originally applied for, I’m glad to be working in Commercial Operations because I never would have learned about different aspects that make up ESPN.

For more information on ESPN’s Internship Program, click here.

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