Intern Chronicles

Intern Chronicles: ‘NFL Live’ rookie

University of Arkansas senior and ESPN intern Morgan Meredith helps produce NFL Live.

As interns, we are expected to perform different roles within our department and the company.

I work in Production Operations doing play-outs for NFL Live.

ESPN takes pride in the quality of its videos, audio, graphics, talent and information, and in my position I watch clips before the show to make sure that the video and audio levels are good before they go on air.

I have had the pleasure to interact with so many great people while working on NFL Live, from the directors and producers, to the on air talent.

Every job is important while putting on a show.

One issue that has affected the show since I have been here is the NFL lockout.

The lockout affected NFL Live because it limited the content we were able to show.

Instead, a lot of the same clips were shown repetitively, but in the end we made it work.

Now, what’s a play-out, you might ask?

For a play-out, I watch clips and make sure the video and audio levels are correct for air.

I check to see that there are no problems like flash frames or black holes in the video. Then, when the show starts, I play them out over air.

I was also given the chance to go to several show meetings where I was able to get a better understanding of how the show was put together and what content made air.

While interning, I have had other opportunities at ESPN to observe different areas and roles such as Studio Production, Central Record and Network Control, Deportes, QEP, One-Play, Technical Directing and Assistant Director.

I have even gone outside of my department and observed ESPN Radio, The X Games, ESPN the Magazine and ESPN RISE.

This experience has given me a round-about view of the many different areas of the company and to learn how each department operates.

Working at ESPN has been a lifelong dream of mine.

My goal was to work here before I retired, so to be here now before my career has started means the world to me.

I have appreciated everyone who has helped get me to this point and assisted me along the way.

This has been an amazing opportunity that I will never forget.

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