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Hershiser: Seems like old times

ESPN baseball analyst Orel Hershiser often says calling Little League World Series games is the most fun he has all year.

“Those two weeks are a slice of Americana,” said Hershiser. “There’s baseball, hot dogs, family time and smiles on the faces of all the kids.”

Hershiser will provide commentary throughout the 65th Little League World Series. ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 will combine to present all 32 games of the event held in Williamsport, Pa., beginning Thursday and ending Aug. 28.

Hershiser has fond memories of spending much of his youth at the Little League park.

The oldest of four children, he remembers playing baseball at the same complex as his brother with his mother working the concession stand, his father (a volunteer district administrator for Little League Baseball) coaching or umpiring and his sister watching from the stands.

“It’s fair to say we ate many summer dinners at the Little League field,” said Hershiser, pictured to the left of Brent Musburger in the inline photo.

Reminiscing is one of many reasons Hershiser looks forward to visiting Williamsport each year.

Here are the top three things he enjoys most about the Little League World Series:

1) The joy and ability of the kids and how excited they are to be there. It’s an amazing experience for them and you find yourself living vicariously through them. These kids become leaders in the way they act and perform.
2) The volunteers at the event and throughout the facility. Little League Baseball, Steve Keener and the whole staff, does a phenomenal job keeping it pure and fair for all the kids to participate and reach this pinnacle.
3) It’s an awful lot of fun to walk around the grounds and see the families in Williamsport watching the kids play. It’s such a family atmosphere.

“When I grew up, kids dreamed of being a big leaguer. Every kid now first dreams of being in the Little League World Series.”

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