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Watching MNF is everyone’s job

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, when it comes to Monday Night Football, your only job is watching football — and you’re very good at your job.

That’s the theme of ESPN’s new “Is It Monday Yet?” campaign for the 2011 Monday Night Football season.

The first of three 30-second and two 15-second image spots created by ESPN Consumer Marketing and Weiden+Kennedy New York debuts Monday.

You can preview this “Animal Control” spot above.

The commercial depicts an animal control worker on the job.

He’s called to someone’s home to trap a fuzzy creature that’s climbing out of a wall.

Knowing it’s getting close to the MNF kickoff time, he abruptly turns his equipment over to the distressed homeowner with little instruction on how to trap the animal so that he can get home in time for the game.

The spot closes with the worker, excited to be home on his couch watching MNF with the traditional “Heavy Action” theme music in the background.

Other upcoming spots — “Plumber,” “Construction Worker,” “Food Inspector,” and “Police Office” “Cop” — will play off a similar theme and debut closer to ESPN’s regular-season doubleheader on Sept. 12.

The MNF campaign will also feature topical spots promoting weekly MNF matchups throughout the season.

And, you just might see and hear Hank Williams Jr. asking fans the easiest question in the world … “Are You Ready for Some Football?”

Note: This post was updated on Aug. 23 to correct the upcoming “Cop” spot

11 thoughts on “Watching MNF is everyone’s job”

  1. Really???? That was it…I still think the funniest nfl comercial is kareokee fantasy…it should be a ringtone….but I thought the nfl would have done better then a cat thing in the wall….

  2. So the writers couldn’t come up with something other than to advocate shooting animals? Not funny, ESPN.

  3. Ok…am I the only one who laughed at this? My brother Lon McE sent me the link. Thanks Lon! The exterminator reminds me of an older and bigger Matt Damon.

  4. When the guy says “When it claws all the way out, AND IT WILL, shoot it in the face” I was cracking up…I thought it was really funny…..

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