Week in review

The clock on the wall says it’s time to call it a week.

Looks like Usain Bolt beat me to the punchcard.

On Front Row this week, we:

*Learned that the This Is SportsCenter ads — like the one featured above — won awards in Cannes, France recently;

*Watched the groundbreaking for ESPN’s Digital Center sequel, DC2, slated for completion in 2014;

*Discovered the thinking behind Total QBR, the new NFL passing ranking system devised by some of ESPN’s best minds.

In the coming days, learn about an ESPN employee who has used improv acting classes as a way to recover from brain trauma; a Longhorn Network announcer who shares her adventures overseas; and how an ESPN analyst is preparing for his Basketball Hall Of Fame induction.

In case you missed it this week, elsewhere in news involving ESPN:

* Erin Andrews discusses her feelings about Twitter;

* Former NFL head coach Eric Mangini joins ESPN as an analyst.

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