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Fast Break: Big & Rich on ‘GameDay’

Beginning in 2005, the country duo of Big & Rich — Big Kenny and John Rich — has provided the opening theme to ESPN’s College GameDay.

The duo recently recorded their latest version of Comin’ To Your City — see the video above.

They share their thoughts on the experience and the football season in general with Front Row.

FR: Why did you decide to come back for another GameDay shoot?

JR: I’m a College GameDay freak. Hook ‘em horns!

BK: Cause it’s just a downright blast to do the amazing “Freak Parade”! The College GameDay shoot fits right in with everything Big & Rich style. It’s a party and it’s fun for everyone!

FR: Do you get a chance to watch GameDay? If so, what’s your favorite part about the show?

JR: I always park my tour bus so I can pick-up satellite to make sure I never miss College GameDay. I can’t wait to see what mascot head [ESPN analyst Lee] Corso is going to put on!

BK: Of course, our tour schedule can sometimes make it tough to get the game by satellite on a bus rolling down the road. But when we can tune in, I’d be telling a story if I didn’t say my favorite part is hearing our song Comin’ to Your City played on the show! The commentary and games are always great, too.

FR:This college football season, which teams are “ones to watch?”

JR: Texas Longhorns, because they have to make up for last year. Coach Mac Brown is a bad ass, watch out!

BK: In my world, I’d be disowned by the family if I wasn’t paying attention to every Virginia Tech game! I think at least half my large family in Virginia have attended that school. Lots of Hokie professional engineers in the bunch.

FR: What will you be doing this fall — touring? — and will you get a chance to go to any college football games?

JR: I always enjoy singing the national anthem at college football games and I always say yes when asked.

BK: We will be on the Xtreme Muzik Tour this fall kicking it all over North America! I always love the surprise if we can hit a city during a GameDay [stop] and get to attend. I love the party and sure hope I get to make some games.

FR: If you could be athletes for a day, who would you be and why?

JR: I would be [current St. Louis and former Oklahoma QB] Sam Bradford and throw interceptions the entire game to Texas.

BR: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, I’d have to say I’d want to be Muhammad Ali. I know it’s not football, but he represented a time and confidence for the fans that really registered with my younger years. He, no doubt, put it all on the line.

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