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Tonight’s E:60 episode (ESPN, 7 p.m. ET) once again offers some of the best stories in sports. But for this Red Sox fan it also offers a painful reminder of a World Series game played 25 years ago to the day. As if to add insult to my injured psyche, my editor once again looked to the bullpen and asked if I’d be willing to do a podcast with a man by the name of Swirsky.

“Seth Swirsky, ever heard of him?” my (duplicitous) editor asked.

“Nope, but happy to research him and get it done,” I said dutifully. “Anything you need, Boss.”

So I researched Swirsky. And visited his auction page at eBay. And even got caught up in this compilation of memories from that infamous night 25 years ago. At some point, I’m going to stop being such a “yes” man. But for now, take a listen to the podcast above and meet Mr. Swirsky, who is currently auctioning a piece of baseball — and cultural — history. A piece that pains me to even think about it. You’ll notice I do my best to get the ball from him for proper disposal. No dice.

Thanks again, Boss. You’re the best. (Insert muttering under my breath.)

Also, check out the preview clip below regarding another fantastic feature on tonight’s E:60 – this one voiced by Rudy actor, Sean Astin.

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