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Steve Young flash-mobbed at 50

What on earth can you get as a 50th birthday present for a Hall of Fame quarterback who once threw six touchdowns in a Super Bowl, was a two-time league MVP and was named to seven Pro Bowls?

Well, if you’re Barbara Young, wife of ESPN’s Steve Young, you get him a flash mob made up of friends, family and complete strangers.

As the viral video (nearly 10,000 views and counting) above shows, Steve thought he was enjoying a quiet 50th birthday meal al fresco at a Palo Alto, Calif. mall this past weekend.

But Steve’s salad day was slightly interrupted when a mass of folks began gyrating, singing and generally whooping it up as if they’d just won the Super Bowl.

Steve originally figured the mass of mall rats was a result of the Stanford football game being played nearby.

“Then it got even more [crowded] and there were cameras and I said, ‘Someone really famous must be appearing at Bloomingdales, I’m going to go find out who,'” Steve explained on Wednesday’s edition of PTI.

“All of the sudden the music starts and there’s all these people from around town that I’ve known for years like the sushi chef from my sushi place, friends from church, my kids’ teachers and they all started dancing and I thought, ‘This is the greatest idea ever.'”

As the video shows, the usually unflappable QB was caught off guard. Fifteen minutes later, the crowd dispersed and the family sat back down to eat.

“I [went] back and ate my salad,” he said.

“I’ve got to give my wife a tremendous amount of credit, because other than the fact that a lot more people know that I’m 50 than I would have liked, it’s been a lot of fun.”

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