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From Las Vegas, SportsNation will go 3D for Beadle’s optical illusion

Watch a few minutes of SportsNation and it will quickly become evident that quipster Michelle Beadle is quite a cut up.

Watch a few minutes of the popular daily show this Wednesday (ESPN2 and ESPN3D, 5 p.m. ET) and there’s a good chance you will actually see Michelle cut up.

Shimshi the Magician

“No, I’ve never been cut in pieces before,” Michelle said. “I’m kind of looking forward to it.”

So are Michelle’s co-workers — especially Colin Cowherd — who will relish the chance to see their colleague play the role of “trusted assistant” as Las Vegas magician Shimshi performs the crowd-pleasing “Saw a Woman in Half” trick — or in this case, thirds (it is in 3D after all).

SportsNation is at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week and Wednesday’s episode will be the first ESPN studio show aired entirely in 3D.

“It is very exciting,” said Shimshi in an email interview. “When I’m performing it live I usually do it in ‘3D’ but no other TV show has done that before so I think now the people at home will be able to experience it like they actually should — or maybe even better since they are going to see it from different camera angles.”

Shimshi is a big ESPN fan, especially the network’s poker coverage and includes Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu as two other ESPN “regulars” he’d like to involve in his act. When told some SportsNation fans may prefer seeing Colin cut up, Shimshi said, “If he’s willing to put on a dress and shave his legs I’m in.”

On the live episode, Colin and Michelle will be joined by the UFC’s Dana White. They will tackle some of the days’ sports topics “Vegas-style,” including the “10 Luckiest Plays of the Football Season.”

As for any Beadle fans who fear for her safety, Shimshi offers this reassurance: “Not to worry,” he said. “I’ve done it for years and nothing ever happened to the magician before.”

So there’s that.

In the video above, the co-hosts shared some pre-trip thoughts with videographer Tonya Malinowski, including what it will be like for Michelle to be trisected by Shimshi.

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