Behind The Scenes

Andy Katz pays tribute to his friend, reporter Anthony Shadid

Andy Katz and his former Daily Cardinal peers at the University of Wisconsin, including Anthony Shadid (in glasses, center).

“The outpouring of adulation for Anthony since his shocking death has been unprecedented in journalism,” ESPN’s Andy Katz wrote in Monday’s Daily Cardinal (the University of Wisconsin student paper). “Heads of state have recognized his passing.”

Anthony Shadid, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter from the New York Times, died last week in Syria as the result of an asthma attack.

Since his sudden and tragic death, co-workers, friends, acquaintances and many who never even knew Shadid have expressed their sympathy in a multitude of ways, primarily through heartfelt tributes and social media.

Katz worked on the student paper with Shadid and followed his career through all these years.

“The universal love for his work and an unbelievable amount of praise for how he respected the craft is deserved,” Katz wrote.

“He was the best of us. We may have not realized it at the time but there is no debate that we all know it now. The University of Wisconsin was fortunate to have him. Every newspaper and wire service was fortunate to have him. The world was fortunate to have him.”

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