Behind The Scenes

ESPN’s Talent Producers coordinate Super Bowl’s galaxy of guest stars

INDIANAPOLIS — Throughout Super Bowl week, ESPN Talent Producers Jason Romano and Audrah Cates, along with ESPN Radio Talent Producer Shaun Wyman, have been busy planning for a host of live shows that originate from Pan Am Plaza.

When you see the quarterback of your fantasy team break down film with ESPN analysts on NFL32, our Talent Producers set it up.

When you hear your favorite player call in to Mike & Mike In The Morning to discuss the team’s recent victory, our Talent Producers set it up.

And when you gain new perspective watching NFL guest analysts on SportsNation . . . you guessed it.

They readily admit their job involves long hours and hectic days — their phones close at hand to coordinate show schedules with athletes and their agents — and then smile and say this is how they prefer it.

Proud to be a part of ESPN’s Super Bowl XLVI team, Romano and Cates took Front Row behind the scenes for a look at how they make it happen.

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