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Front & Center: Carter Blackburn

Carter Blackburn (l) (here with Quint Kessenich) is not only a talented broadcaster, he also does spot-on impersonations of figures in college athletics

Listen to the podcast HERE.

ESPN’s Carter Blackburn has already distinguished himself with a recognizable voice and a deft ability on play-by-play of any number of sports. What fans of the Syracuse graduate may not know is that he is also the master of several other voices familiar to college sports aficionados.

In this Front & Center podcast, Carter, 32, and a Kerrville, Texas native, shares his thoughts on the Tennessee/Florida game he will call with Joe Dean, Jr. on Saturday (4 p.m. ET, SEC Network and ESPN3); looks at the SEC (focusing on Kentucky and Mississippi State); offers insights into potential National Player of the Year Anthony Davis and, right around the 8:45 mark of the interview begins his Rich Little ways with his best Pete Gillen impersonation and continues on with Texas football coach Mack Brown, ESPN’s Bill Raftery and Steve Lappas. Chances are, you’ll never listen to Carter the same way again.

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