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Pardon the Interruption, but Buttowski will feature Kornheiser and Wilbon

Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon and Dick Vitale are ESPN personalities who will get the animation treatment, but it’s not for a This is SportsCenter spot or special children’s show ESPN is debuting.

They will be guest stars on upcoming episodes of Disney XD’s hit children’s animated program, Kick Buttowski — Suburban Daredevil.

Pardon The Interruption stars Kornheiser and Wilbon will cameo in an episode on Saturday, Feb. 18 at 11 a.m. ET.

College basketball analyst Vitale will be featured in a show in April.

Those three are not the first ESPN personalities to guest star in Kick Buttowski.

SportsCenter anchor Jay Harris and ESPN Radio’s Mike Golic have each appeared in separate episodes as well.

Kick Buttowski creator and executive producer Sandro Corsaro and Wilbon answered a few questions for ESPN Front Row:


FR: What was your experience doing the show?
It was unfamiliar, enlightening, different than anything I’d ever done. Nobody would accuse Tony or me of being an actor or anything close, so we were reading lines without having any idea of ‘who’ would be saying them, no idea of what the character looked like or was supposed to represent. It was strange, to say the least. None of it came to life until I was able to see a clip in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago when re-doing a couple of lines.

FR: Other than Kick Buttowski, what would be his dream cartoon to guest star in — past or current?
The funny thing is I have a three-year-old who is just now entering the world of cartoons. Every day he asks me, “Dad, did you watch Dora The Explorer when you were a little boy,” and I answer “no.” Or “Dad, did you watch Calliou when you were a little boy”and I answer, “No, Matthew, there was no Calliou when I was a little boy.” But this week he asked, ‘Dad, did you watch Bugs Bunny when you were a little boy,’ and I shouted, ‘Yes, I did.’ Bugs Bunny, for someone who entered the cartoon age in the 1960s, was the gold standard. So, if there’s a “dream cartoon” to guest star in — which is unimaginable — Bugs Bunny would be the one and only!


FR: Why did you choose Wilbon and Kornheiser for the episode?
I am a devout daily fan of PTI. All of the folks who work on the show do such an amazing job. They are just awesomely entertaining and knowledgeable. As I told Mike and Tony, their show is like therapy for me. On my own show, I spend a lot of time attempting to persuasively debate other people, making quick choices and keeping up a ridiculously frantic pace. So it’s nice to come home at night and watch other people share my insanity for 30 minutes in the sports world.

FR: Are you targeting anyone else from ESPN for a role?
If I could have anyone else for a role, I would want John Clayton in a Steel Cage match versus Kick Buttowski! Seriously, I actually do keep a list. Let’s see, on my whiteboard today are: Stuart Scott, Scott Van Pelt, Herm Edwards, Tony Reali and Erin Andrews. I would also love to get some of the folks from ESPN Deportes involved for our fans in Latin America.

FR: Any chances Kick will end up at ESPN in Bristol or an ESPN event in a future episode?
Someday Kick Buttowski might find his way back to face off against Brick Bristol (@jayharris) again. We’ve also talked about Kick heading off to compete in the Gnarly Games. In Kick’s world, it’s where the Super Bowl meets the X Games and that could bring an ESPN all-star team together.

PTI's Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser play the roles of Officers Mac and Irwin in an episode of Kick Buttowski.
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