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Front & Center: Andy Katz on President Obama’s men’s bracket

FILE PHOTO: In 2011, President Barack Obama filled out the Men's NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament bracket during an interview with ESPN

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On Tuesday, for the fourth straight year, President Barack Obama welcomed ESPN to the White House for some very important business. Like many Americans, the President gets Bracket Fever at this time of year and the only cure is to fill out a couple of NCAA Tournament brackets.

With senior writer Andy Katz and ESPN basketball analyst Doris Burke playing the roles of “Aides de Bracket,” President Obama filled out both a men’s and women’s bracket for the 2012 NCAA Tournaments. The President is predicting a Men’s Final Four of Kentucky, Ohio State, Missouri and North Carolina, and a Women’s Final Four of Baylor, St. John’s, UConn and Notre Dame.

Stay tuned to ESPN over the next few days for the reveal of the President’s picks for the respective National Champions. Segments from Andy’s interview will begin running on tonight’s 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. ET SportsCenters as well as Wednesday’s Good Morning America with the debut of his complete men’s bracket on the 9 a.m. SportsCenter Wednesday, March 14, and the women’s on Friday, March 16.

In the podcast above, Andy discusses how this tradition began; the comfort level he’s achieved in sharing time with the leader of the free world; a chance meeting with Bo the Presidential Dog and what happens to the boards once they are filled out (HINT: They are driven, carefully, back to Bristol).

Editor’s note: Come back to Front Row Wednesday afternoon for an interview with ESPN’s Doris Burke regarding President Obama’s NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship bracket. The bracket and video will be revealed on SportsCenter at 9 a.m. EDT, Friday, March 16.

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