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Call him Mr. Mayor: Dick Vitale cameos on Disney XD’s Kick Buttowski

There is still a first for Dick Vitale. After three decades in the entertainment industry, he will play a Viking Mayor.

The ESPN college basketball analyst — known for his animated, enthusiastic and passionate style — gets his turn as a special guest in an episode of Disney XD’s Emmy-nominated animated comedy series Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. Vitale will make his show debut Saturday, April 7, at 11 a.m. ET.

The show follows the adventures of Kick Buttowski, an extraordinary kid who is determined to become the world’s greatest daredevil. Small in stature but big in heart, he takes on every stunt with unwavering enthusiasm. Aided by his loyal sidekick, Gunther, Kick rebels against the mundane and knows that when life throws him an obstacle, his only choice is to jump it.

In the episode titled Bwar and Peace, Kick and Gunther venture to the Old Country where Gunther is mistaken as an ancient Viking warrior. He is celebrated by his people and the Mayor of the Old Country (voiced by Vitale).

Vitale is not the first ESPN personality to guest star in Kick Buttowski.

Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon (profiled in this Front Row post), Jay Harris (read his related Front Row story here) and Mike Golic have each appeared in separate episodes as well.

Just as has in the basketball world throughout his career, Vitale made an impression with his Kick Buttowski colleagues.

Charlie Schlatter (voice of Kick Buttowski):
Having grown up in Bergan County, N.J. it was an incredible thrill to share the animated stage with Mr. Dick Vitale.

Matt Jones (voice of Gunther):
Dick Vitale is one of the most iconic figures in sports. And he’s very, very loud — which makes him a perfect fit for our cast.

Sandro Corsaro (creator and executive producer)
Dick Vitale is a broadcasting icon and I’m a huge March Madness fan. I was so thrilled to have him on board. His voice is larger than life, and I just knew he could deliver us an over the top character. It was a true thrill to have him in a Kick Buttowski episode.

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