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ESPN Images’ Day In the Life:
Clarke at MLB Spring Training

ESPN Images Day in The Life – Scott Clarke – Images by ESPN
On Friday, we celebrated Front Row’s first birthday by heralding the official launch of ESPN Images, the company’s newly formed photography unit.

Today — between bites into ESPN Images Director Barb Blake‘s birthday cupcakes — we commemorate the start with a look at an ESPN Images’ photographer’s day.

Shooters Scott Clarke and Allen Kee teamed to capture Clarke at work documenting a Chicago White Sox-Colorado Rockies exhibition game March 31.

In the images above, Clarke is pictured interacting with White Sox manager Robin Ventura and veteran catcher A.J. Pierzynski, among others.

Said Clarke of his job: “I have worked at ESPN for 23 years photographing events and people all over the world. It always is an adventure because of the diversity of what we shoot and where we go.

“Adventure always isn’t a good thing, either.

“It is an unusual vantage point to having a front row seat to sporting events. You see through a very narrow window and are looking for a particular thing instead of witnessing the entire event. That is the challenge, to find the best picture within a large picture.

Regarding this assignment, Clarke said: “I liked working on the Robin Ventura story because I had covered him as a player and now as manager. He really is one of the best athletes that I have ever dealt with and one of the nicest guys as well.”

Learn more about the ESPN Images team by clicking here.

Last year around this time, many of the same people helped Front Row launch with the Day In The Life project: Their photographs captured ESPN in action around the world in a day.

It was a great way to kick off the site. We look forward to showcasing more of ESPN Images’ work.

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