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Style Points: NBA analyst Bowen’s fashion statement, step-by-step

As the NBA Playoffs unfold, fans are seeing a lot of ESPN analyst Bruce Bowen.

ESPN NBA analyst Bruce Bowen is dapper.

And they’ve likely noticed he’s a bit of a trendsetter.

The three-time San Antonio Spurs NBA champion sports a trademark bow tie for every ESPN Radio and TV appearance he makes.

In fact, his wardrobe is as consistent as the shut-down man-to-man defense he was known for as a player.

But why is Bowen so infatuated with this particular style of neckwear?

I asked him to explain his love of bow ties — and to demonstrate how to knot one. He was more than willing.

He even allowed me to shoot this. All I had to do was point the camera in his direction, say “go” and he took care of the rest.

Nothing was scripted or rehearsed, and he did everything in one take.

Bowen’s optimism and professionalism are contagious, and he knows his basketball, too.

Enjoy the video above and look for more of him throughout the NBA Playoffs on ESPN.

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