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Front & Center: Jay Crawford

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Nine years ago, Jay Crawford (@JayCrawfordESPN) began co-hosting a little show that could, named Cold Pizza. Today, he begins a new role on a not-so-little show named, SportsCenter, as he becomes co-anchor — with Chris McKendry — for the noon ET SportsCenter.

In the Front & Center podcast above, Jay discusses: his time on First Take; his admiration of and appreciation for Skip Bayless; the excitement he has for his new role; a special tweet from his daughter and the emotional trip he made home a last month.

Below, Chris, Jay’s new co-anchor, reminds him of the studio he’s supposed to be in as they prepare for their first show together.

“My work here is done,” Jay said before confiding in Chirs, “I could never get them to agree on anything, anyhow!”

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