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Intern Chronicles: Our ‘Gator Aides’

Editor’s note: Front Row’s Intern Chronicles series concludes for Summer 2012 with this installment. For more information on ESPN Internships, visit ESPN Careers by clicking here.

ESPN’s recruiting team visits college campuses every year to entice talented students with a chance of a lifetime: an internship at The Worldwide Leader in Sports. Thousands apply, yet fewer than 100 students are selected.

ESPN Intern Eli Marger
(Photo courtesy Eli Marger)

With at least one student from each Southeastern Conference school usually making the cut, the biggest pool this summer came from the University of Florida.

Five Gators spent this summer as interns, four in Bristol, Conn. and one in Los Angeles.

Front Row entered the northeast plot of “The Swamp” with Florida’s four Bristol interns.

What’s the best advice you would give anyone before they begin an internship at ESPN?
Stephanie Morgan Jones, 21, Senior, interning for Event Production: Don’t wait until the end of your internship to start taking advantage of the amazing opportunities we are offered here at ESPN. It’s up to you to take the initiative to step through the doors opened for interns. Also, travel around New England on your days off!

How have you grown as a young professional while at ESPN?
Bryan Stewen Garcia Zeron, 21, Senior, International Soccer Production intern: During this internship, I grew as a media professional every day. I worked in the International Soccer Department during the EUROCUP 2012. My work was viewed by millions of people from all over the United States and Latin America. I don’t think any other company can offer its interns that kind of experience.

What surprised you the most about your time at ESPN?
Victoria Petry, 20, Junior, MLB Event Production intern: I was amazed to see how many aspects there are to the ESPN brand. There are so many unique jobs and so many different departments, yet they all work together to create an incredible product. It is really interesting to see how everything comes together.

What was the one thing that was most beneficial about your time at ESPN?
Eli Marger, 21, Senior, Statistics and Analysis intern: I think the most valuable thing I got out of this was the people I met. You’re meeting the very best in the industry — whether it’s fellow interns or employees of ESPN. I think the most beneficial part of this internship is to have access to meet all these people.

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