Behind The Scenes

Dilfer raises 12th Man Flag on historic night in Seattle

Trent Dilfer returned to Seattle where he raised the 12th Man Flag and urged on the Monday Night Football crowd. (Photo courtesy of Seattle Seahawks)

On Monday, Front Row previewed the honor that NFL analyst Trent Dilfer had bestowed upon him by the Seattle Seahawks organization in raising their famed 12th Man Flag.

It seemed like a big deal at the time and as this video attests, Dilfer was warmly received by the fans in the stadium he helped open in 2002 and in the city where he spent “four of the best years of my life.”

Who knew that by the end of the Monday Night Football game between Seattle and Green Bay, the only thing discussed would be the game’s final play?

Still, we’ll prefer to remember the guy, Dilfer, who got the whole dramatic night started!

The Dilfer family in Seattle. (Photo courtesy of Seattle Seahawks)
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