Treetop view of ESPN campus

The buzz over Bristol, Conn. yesterday wasn’t solely caused by the “Inaccurate Reception.”

Late in the afternoon, a helicopter whirled away hundreds of feet above the 120 acre campus as ESPN Images photographers Joe Faraoni and Rich Arden captured aerial pictures for archival use, the facilities department and for use in photo galleries like the one above.

Such trips are rare for the Images team, so Faraoni carefully selected the day with an eye toward sun placement and the weather forecast, which took advantage of Tuesday’s picture perfect New England fall afternoon for shooting.


  1. These are fantastic! It puts the growth & magnitude of ESPN in a more comprehensive, visual fashion. Upon the onset of my employment there were three main buildings & a lot of trailers — a one story HR building (where bldg 3 now resides), the production/programming building (bldg 2) & bldg 1 where all things show related i.e., sets,full production & most tech/graphics resided. What a wonderful visual demonstration of the evolution of ESPN.


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