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Fan Central Mailbag: GameDay signs, ‘I Love Skip’ and an update on MNF’s Matthew Stafford T-Shirt

Welcome to another edition of the Fan Central Mailbag. Remember, if you have an ESPN-related question, follow us @ESPN_FanCentral and use #FanCentralMB to tweet your questions. You also can e-mail them to [email protected].

We enjoy College GameDay but we hope you can settle a bet! I am driving my husband crazy obsessing about who makes the signs and posters the students hold up behind (the set). I say they are pre-made by your advertisers. He says the students make them. Help! Thanks. — Cindy

Great question. Here’s what we found out from the College GameDay folks: While the overwhelming majority of students make their own signs, there is a sign-making booth available, via our sponsor Home Depot, so fans can create signs if they didn’t bring one. Those signs are always labeled with Home Depot markings.

Check out what is sure to be a great collection of signs this Saturday when College GameDay visits Notre Dame. You can get all the latest updates by following @CollegeGameDay on Twitter and liking College GameDay on Facebook.

College GameDay signs. (Phil Ellsworth/ESPN Images)

I have a two-part question. How can my boyfriend and I qualify to receive “I Love Skip Bayless” t-shirts and when will ESPN finally be giving Stephen A. Smith an “I love Stephen A.” t-shirt (of his own)? — Anna Marie

According to the show’s producers, First Take gives away the “I Love Skip Bayless” t-shirts a few times each week. To find out how you can win one, follow @ESPN_FirstTake on Twitter, like First Take on Facebook and watch First Take weekdays at 10 a.m. ET on ESPN2.

By the way, we are told “I Love Stephen A. Smith” t-shirts are coming very soon, so be on the lookout for your chance to win. No word yet on which of those t-shirts new host Cari Champion would wear if given a choice!

MAILBAG UPDATE: In our Sept. 21 mailbag, we received an inquiry about the availability of the airbrushed Matthew Stafford T-Shirt featured in the Monday Night Football commercial.

Fan Central checked in with the Lions and they informed us the shirt is now available from the Detroit Lions team store. Even t-shirt sales all come down to Monday Night!

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