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Three months old and licensed
to thrive: UNITE’s new wheels

ESPN’s first late-night entertainment show, UNITE, celebrates three months on the air today.

What does one get for its three-month anniversary? According to, a CD, concert tickets or magazine subscription are best as “your relationship is beginning to get more serious, so these gift ideas should show that you listen.”

Well, DJ Rob Swift is jamming on the airwaves every weeknight, so CD and concert tickets seem redundant. Comedian Reese Waters already made his ESPN the Magazine poetic debut, so a magazine subscription just seems narcissistic. But, the relationship is indeed beginning to get more serious.

We decided on a bus: It’s shiny, big and guaranteed to “rev the engine” of any relationship.

And UNITE isn’t the only show to adorn the shuttle rotation on ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. campus. ESPN’s First Take commentators — Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and newly minted moderator Cari Champion — also now transport the company’s thousands of employees with a set of wheels.

Research is currently being conducted as to whether riding the UNITE bus will make you funnier or if catching the First Take shuttle will make you more likely to win an argument*.

*Unconfirmed at time of publication

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