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ESPN Images: Behind the scenes of Bristol Car Wash 2012, Part I

2012 Carwash – Images by ESPN

Our ESPN Images group provide photographic coverage to all kinds of sporting events, ranging from the BCS Bowl games to the X Games competitions.

While those are examples of some of the larger events our photographers cover, we also love documenting the “Car Washes” on ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. campus. The “Car Wash” is what happens when an athlete or celebrity visits ESPN and appears on various shows and platforms.

None of this happens without the help of our colleagues, the ESPN Talent Producers. They book the guests and coordinate the guests’ schedules with various ESPN departments.

In 2012, ESPN Images captured more than 50 Car Washes, many of which were profiled on this site’s “Captured On (and Off) Campus” feature.

Although we capture great moments on the set of shows such as SportsCenter and First Take, some of the best moments happen when the television cameras aren’t rolling.

We’ve assembled 24 photos featuring behind-the-scenes shots from the Bristol Car Wash, 12 that are featured in this post. We’ll unveil 12 more Tuesday, Jan. 1 on Front Row.

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