Newly redesigned launches in Beta

To align with the X Games’ global expansion, ESPN has soft launched its newly redesigned online and on the mobile Web.

Accessible at, the site will replace as a leading cross-platform destination for action sports and lifestyle content.

With a focus on experiential features and enhancements, ESPN is serving passionate action sports fans like never before. Adam Deutsch, Senior Director of Digital Product Development, spoke to Front Row about the importance of digital to the X Games franchise and what fans can experience now.

What about the X Games lends itself so well to digital?
Several things make it great for digital. The first is digital video. We rapid fire the delivery of highlights to the web, mobile web and apps usually in three minutes or less. It is all in an effort to satisfy fans’ appetites to see the best tricks and near misses in as close to real time as possible. We enjoy full rights and access with the content and can serve it to the fan on the screen of their choice. Next is social connectivity and the ease of sharing great content in one fast click. And finally, I think the global nature of X Games events makes fandom borderless. The video and stunning photography cut across cultural and language barriers and access via digital platforms accelerates fans’ connections to X Games.

What new features can fans experience starting today?
First is our no-fold swipe experience on the web and apps. We wanted to have a bold, premium and full screen experience for fans that brings the content front and center. We have also created a GameCast experience we call Trick Track. Now, you cannot experience it today because there is not an X Games event taking place until late January, but once underway, fans can use Trick Track to see trick data, height and athlete speed. We will also introduce a social applause tool we call HypeMeter. Think of it as a way to measure fans cheering at any moment worldwide. HypeMeter charts the peaks and valleys of fan reaction, places “pins” on key moments and allows fans to use those pins to find key video, tweets and reaction.

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