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Shiny Lapel Trio performs ‘Schaub and Brady Swing’ in MNF open

The Shiny Lapel Trio band preforms. (ESPN)

The 1996 cult film Swingers had the hip Big Bad Voodoo Daddy provide its film soundtrack. Tonight, Monday Night Football will strike a similar cord with Shiny Lapel Trio.

The Connecticut-based swing band will highlight the open for the big Houston Texans-New England Patriots AFC clash on ESPN (8:30 p.m. ET).

MNF producer Jay Rothman heard Shiny Lapel Trio perform at The Red House restaurant in Deep River, Conn., while on a night out with his wife in May.

He knew right away they would be perfect for a MNF open.

“They just have this fun swing, rockabilly sound, and they play everything from Sinatra to Stray Cats to Dire Straits,” said Rothman.

“Their sound is feel-good fun, and they completely look and dress the part.”

The Trio, which is actually a foursome: Tiger Marion (vocals), James Alio (guitar), Marc Iacobellis (bass) and Rich Talarzyk (drums), plays locally in the Connecticut shoreline area. They’ve cut some CDs and had some commercial work, but the opportunity to be a part of MNF is unlike anything they’ve done before.

“Going from a national commercial to Monday Night Football, where we are actually going to perform our own song, it’s a huge honor,” said Alio, who has been part of SLT since it formed about nine years ago.

The band’s new release “Rockabetty Swing” is the inspiration for tonight’s MNF open. SLT recorded new lyrics specific to tonight’s Texans-Patriots matchup and called it the “Schaub and Brady Swing” after both teams’ starting quarterbacks.

An ESPN crew shot video of the band last week at the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook, Conn., adding a horn section and some dancers and singers to give the setting more of a club feel.

The video will be used in the MNF open and in the halftime re-tease.

Rothman is confident the national audience will enjoy this unique approach but he’s more excited about the thought of the potential impact for Shiny Lapel Trio.

“I hope long-term that we open doors for them either through ESPN or other avenues. They are a hidden gem.”

Rothman adds, “In our own little way, being a Connecticut-based company, we’re bringing some exposure to local musicians who are really talented and a great group of guys.”

Editor’s Note: Shiny Lapel Trio plays the Griswold Inn in Essex, Conn., every Thursday night, and “Rockabetty Swing” is available for download on iTunes. To preview their music, see the video clip below.

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