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Front & Center: Mike Feinberg discusses ESPN’s Super Bowl XLVII set location in New Orleans

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Super Bowl Week is a massive undertaking for ESPN.

With hours upon hours of coverage and literally hundreds of employees descending upon the host city to cover every facet of the NFL’s biggest game, it doesn’t get much bigger.

Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans is certainly no exception.

Beginning Monday at 5 a.m. CT, Mike and Mike in the Morning will kick off a week’s worth of ESPN TV, radio and other multi-platform coverage — more than 120 hours in all — culminating with post-game highlights and analysis of the much-anticipated Baltimore Ravens-San Francisco 49ers game on Sunday, Feb. 3.

In the Front & Center podcast above, ESPN coordinating director Mike Feinberg discusses the months of planning that have gone into getting the company ready for Super Bowl week. He also discusses final preparations and what fans can expect to see from ESPN’s set location in the heart of the French Quarter.

For more, this story highlights the construction of the ESPN set in the Jax Brewery parking lot this week.

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