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ESPN Brazil’s team a major part of ESPN International’s worldwide presentation of Super Bowl XLVII

Commentators Everaldo Marques (L) and Paulo Antunes on the set during ESPN’s coverage of Super Bowl XLVII
(Don Juan Moore/ESPN Images)

As we all know, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens go head to head in Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La. this Sunday at 6:30pm.

But did you know that ESPN International will air the Super Bowl around the world in more than 162 countries and territories?


ESPN Brazil, in particular, has enhanced its NFL coverage in a country where about 90 percent of sports fans are futebol — or soccer — fans.

ESPN Brazil has been covering American football since 2005 and it has been growing in popularity ever since. Super Bowl XLVII marks the fourth consecutive year ESPN Brazil has covered the big game: Their on-air and production crew this year is the largest to date to make the trip north.

ESPN Brazil’s New Orleans’ team includes on-air journalists Everaldo Marques, play-by-play announcer and host of Semana NFL and The Book is on the Table (a rules-of-the-games series on NFL, NBA, MLB, and other big United States sports leagues), analyst Paulo Antunes and sideline reporter André Kfouri.

“In Brazil, American football fans watch all games. They don’t follow just one team,” Marques said.

ESPN Brazil keeps those fans well-connected to all things NFL, all season long, including an NFL-centric blog, and via social media on ESPN Brazil’s Facebook page and Twitter.

Executive producer Carlos Moraes added: “There are more followers of the San Francisco 49ers because of the Joe Montana era. We also like the New England Patriots because of Tom Brady and the added bonus that his wife Gisele Bunchen is Brazilian. The New Orleans Saints and the Pittsburgh Steelers also have a very strong fan base [in Brazil].”

ESPN Brazil ramped up its coverage of the Super Bowl more than ever this week: There is a live half-hour show daily and a thrice-daily live-streamed show on Brazil’s WatchESPN.

On Sunday, programming will include an hour-long pre-game show and shots from two additional cameras: one in the booth and one on the sidelines.

Commentators (L-R) Alvaro Martin, John Sutcliffe and Mauricio Pedroza during ESPN's coverage of Super Bowl XLVII. (Don Juan Moore/ESPN Images)
ESPN International commentators (L-R) Alvaro Martin, John Sutcliffe and Mauricio Pedroza during ESPN’s coverage of Super Bowl XLVII.
(Don Juan Moore/ESPN Images)
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