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‘Magic Mike’ Golic celebrates rare victory in show’s ‘Jayson Stark Trivia’ segment with dazzling dance moves

This morning’s edition of Mike & Mike — simulcast on ESPN Radio and ESPN2 — showcased a routine worthy of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars — or at least a collection of hilarious DTWS outtakes.

“Getting a Jayson Stark trivia question correct happens so infrequently, the dance was the perfect celebration,” Mike & Mike’s Mike Golic said after his impromptu cardiovascular routine — captured in the video above beginning at the 1:30 mark — broke up the show’s staff and, no doubt, members of the listening/viewing audience.

Stark, an Senior Baseball Writer, provides a weekly in-season “Stark Trivia” question. It’s become one of the show’s most popular segments, largely because the questions routinely stump co-hosts Golic and Mike Greenberg.

This morning, however, marked the first question the pair has answered successfully in 2013.

“Did [former NFL lineman] Golic ever do a sack dance that good?” Stark told Front Row after the show. “Beyonce would have been proud of those moves.

“I’m just glad I could spread that much joy in one studio,” Stark said. “That’s my goal every week, you know. They act like I’m trying to embarrass them with these questions — of course not. I root for them to get every one of those questions right.”


“OK, so maybe not every one of them,” Stark said. “That would ruin the fun. But I always try to give them questions that are just hard enough to be fun, but not so impossible that it isn’t at least in the realm of possibility that they — and fans — will get it. I thought this was one they had a chance to get right.

“Of course, I’ve thought that about a thousand other times, too, and they’ve got 999 of those thousand wrong.”

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Today’s Stark Trivia Question

If Yu Darvish gets to 250 strikeouts this year, he’ll join only 3 other active pitchers (currently in someone’s rotation) who have struck out 250 batters in one season. See video for Mike Golic’s answers.


“We all know Golic’s a great dancer, but today’s victory dance took things to a whole new level,” show researcher Kristen Balboni said of Big Mike’s performance.

Greenberg, who has previously demonstrated his dancing ability on the show, also left his chair in celebration.

The co-hosts abandoned their microphones — not a good thing for a radio show – but quick-acting Producer Liam Chapman solved the potential dead air with play-by-play of his “talent’s” celebratory dance to Kool and The Gang’s “Celebration.”

And, although the bar is admittedly set quite low, Greenberg said: “I consider it the greatest achievement of my sporting life.”

The Mikes better enjoy it while they can.

“I love those guys, so it made my day to have all that euphoria, and all those dance moves, break out, all because of one mere trivia question,” Stark said. “Then again, it also made it theoretically possible that next week’s question will be slightly harder than this week’s.


Ben Cafardo contributed to this post

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