ESPN Technology

ESPN’s New Jersey-based branch of Emerging Tech helps enhance visuals on the games you’re watching

ESPN’s presence spans the globe, from Los Angeles to Mexico City, from Sao Paulo to Bristol, Conn., from London to Bangalore and beyond.

The company also has a remote office in Hamilton, N.J., which consists of 13 employees responsible for research, development, validation and deployment of turnkey solutions for sports like football (virtual first down line, line of scrimmage, down and distance, field goal range, play clock); basketball (virtual shot clock, player/team hot zones and shot charts, on-court ads); soccer (center circle and goal line virtual ads); and baseball (behind home plate ads).

Over the years this team has led the development of ESPN Emerging Technology elements such as: broadcast camera player tracking/tagging; enhancements to the first “swing” effect; virtual in-event graphics and product suites for a multitude of sports.

Check out the video above to learn more about the team.

Video produced by Amanda DeCastro and Tonya Malinowski

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