Manning or Brady? Bears or Seahawks’ D? Let ESPN Insider’s new Roster Advisor help set the lineup

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Fantasy Football is officially underway, and ESPN Insider proves once again to be the ultimate companion for every player.

Team managers and pick ‘em players are signing up for access to ESPN’s predictive tools and expert analysis to make the best and most informed choices in their respective leagues. Front Row spoke to Andrew Feldman, manager, editorial product, about some of the many benefits Insider members receive throughout the season.

What new and innovative tools are available to Fantasy players through exclusive access from their ESPN Insider subscriptions?
Our suite of Insider Fantasy Football tools continues to innovate and today we launched an enhanced version of one of our newest tools, Roster Advisor. Managers who find themselves stuck on which players to start and bench on their teams will be able to access this tool, utilize their own league scoring settings and compare up to five players at any position for projections from three different sources.

Not only does it allow managers to evaluate lineup decisions, but pickups as well. For convenience, fantasy owners will be able to access this tool from any device and save favorite players on those devices for easy access in future weeks.

Another tool ESPN Insiders can conveniently access directly from their league is Insider Recommends, which offers suggestions to optimize a team’s lineup based on predicted performances from every player. It also helps team managers navigate the free agent market by highlighting the best available players for the rest of the season.

What about pick ‘em and survivor pools? Are there any predictive tools that help fantasy players pick against point spreads and confidence points?
Yes, for the most avid fans that engage in these types of pools, we have two tools that help guide them in their picks:

PickCenter incorporates data from TeamRankings and numberFire and delivers an enhanced experience surrounding the projections and analysis of upcoming games. Players are able to see predicted results based on a variety of algorithms and utilize that information to make their own predictions on each game.

The other is the Eliminator Survivor Guide, which is newly redesigned this year to help players determine the best path to a perfect season in ESPN’s Eliminator Challenge or any other NFL survivor pool. It includes weekly predictions, win odds and power ratings for every matchup. There’s also a season-view “Survivor Intelligence Matrix” that provides the best selections for each week of the season. Both of these tools are also available on all devices.

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