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Bomani Jones and the Le Batards put everything on the kitchen table as Highly Questionable returns today

Bomani Jones (Andy Hall)
Bomani Jones (Andy Hall/ESPN)

After a break for the Australian Open, ESPN2’s daily program Highly Questionable returns today at the special time of 7 p.m. ET on ESPNEWS, and will be back at its regular 4 p.m. slot on ESPN2 Monday. Bomani Jones, who also is a panelist on ESPN’s Around the Horn, joined last May as co-host with Dan Le Batard and his father Gonzalo “Papi” Le Batard. The crew brings an innovative and comedic approach to sports commentary and offers a critical – and sometimes controversial – perspective. Jones tells Front Row about the show, his presence on Twitter (@bomani_jones) and his taste in music.

What’s your routine for staying current for your various sports commentary roles?
It’s immersion, more or less. Between the Web and social media, there’s information flying all over the place. I use Twitter to try to catch as much of it as I can, and ask for insight from those more informed.

Are you, Dan and Papi having as much fun on Highly Questionable as it seems?
We really are. On myriad levels, we’ve got it good, and we all know it. We’d have to be real sourpusses not to have fun in our environment. Personally, I decided long ago to have as much fun as I could with my work. That was a sincere lifestyle choice, and it’s worked out better than I could have imagined.

What’s been your favorite HQ moment so far?
No question — watching Katarina Witt break Dan down to his sweating, awkward essence. She hit him with a couple of dollops of charm, and Dan morphed into a puddle. That sort of thing is why we wake up in the morning.

You’re very engaging on Twitter. Is that a platform you enjoy using?
I do enjoy it. I like talking with people, and Twitter gives access to millions of conversations. Plus, I talk too much, and that’s the one place I don’t have to worry about keeping that in check.

Some newer viewers of HQ might be surprised to learn that you’ve done a lot of writing as a music reviewer – what’s grabbing your musical attention now?
I’m a really old soul on music, and quickly approaching the age where I have no idea what the kids are talking about. But right now, I’m all-in on figuring out which festival I’ll be attending to see OutKast. Probably Coachella. Hopefully Coachella. I’ve got to get to Coachella.

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