The Lineup: #TBT, Glory Days edition

In honor of the start of the NCAA Tournament, Front Row’s Throwback Thursday acknowledges all the glorious moments that young athletes will be experiencing over the next few weeks. We asked ESPN anchors, analysts and hosts to share some of their most treasured memories from their athletic careers.

1. Cassidy Hubbarth – NBA Tonight Host
1996: Hubbarth with NBA star Tim Duncan.

Photo courtesy of Cassidy Hubbarth  Inset: John Atashian/ESPN Images
Photo courtesy of Cassidy Hubbarth
Inset: John Atashian/ESPN Images

2. Sara Walsh – SportsCenter Anchor
“Clearly training for the World Cup and apparently my parents lied about my age because I’m twice the size of everyone else.”

Photo courtesy of Sara Walsh
Inset: Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images

3. Randy Scott – SportsCenter Anchor
“Sometimes a high school pitcher is the best athlete on the team. Other times, he can’t really hit or run you well. I fell squarely in the latter category for the district-champion Warhawks of James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia.”

Photo courtesy of Randy Scott
Inset: Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images

4. Pam Shriver – Tennis Commentator
“I am about 10 years old here up at net, playing with my late sister Marion in our only Maryland State doubles event we ever played in together.”

Photo courtesy of Pam Shriver
Inset: Scott Clarke/ESPN Images

5. Jaymee Sire – SportsCenter Anchor
Bottom row, third from the right: “You can’t really tell in the photo, but I had a pretty gnarly scar on my chin that season. I wish I could say it was from sliding head first or something cool like that, but I think I just tripped and fell. I guess it’s a good thing I just talk about sports on TV and don’t actually play them for a living.”

Photo courtesy of Jaymee Sire
Inset: Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images

6. Mike Massaro – NASCAR Now Host and Reporter
Massaro in his 1986 American Legion baseball uniform.

Photo courtesy of Mike Massaro
Inset: Allen Kee/ESPN Images

7. Kenny Mayne – SportsCenter Anchor
Mayne playing football for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in 1981.

Photo courtesy of Kenny Mayne
Inset: John Atashian/ESPN Images

8. Pablo Viruega – ESPN Deportes and ESPN International Analyst
Club Pumitas AC (México City) categoría Peewee 1984.

Photo courtesy of Pablo Viruega
Inset: Allen Kee / ESPN Images

9. Steve Weissman – SportsCenter Anchor
“Here I am playing soccer as an 8-year-old. I scored two goals that game!!”

Photo courtesy of Steve Weissman
Inset: Rich Arden/ESPN Images

10. Dottie Pepper – Golf Commentator
The 1979 New York State Girls Junior championship in McConnellsville, NY. Pepper won her first state championship in 1981.

Photo courtesy of Dottie Pepper
Inset: Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images

11. Dale Jarrett – NASCAR Analyst
Jarrett on his Newton, N.C. high school football team in 1974.

Photo courtesy of Dale Jarrett
Inset: Allen Kee/ESPN Images

12. Chris Cotter – SportsCenter Anchor
“USCF Georgia State Amateur Time Trial Championship. Circa 2000?? Deep in the pain cave!”

Photo courtesy of Chris Cotter
Inset: ESPN Images

13. Chris Connelly – Essayist and Reporter
“High school soccer team, 1972. Eyes closed because… concentration?”

Photo courtesy of Chris Connelly
Inset: John Atashian/ESPN Images

14. Brad Gilbert – Tennis Analyst
Gilbert in his early training days.

Photo courtesy of Brad Gilbert
Inset: Ben Solomon/ESPN Images

15. Bernardo Osuna – ESPN Deportes Commentator
“This is me as a 12 year old playing for the Pasadena SouthWest Little League Dodgers.”

Photo courtesy of Bernardo Osuna
Inset: George Burns / ESPN Images

16. Marty Smith – Motorsports Reporter
Smith intercepting a pass in 1993 when his high school team won the Virginia State Championship.

Photo courtesy of Marty Smith  Inset: Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images
Photo courtesy of Marty Smith
Inset: Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images

17. Jay Harris – SportsCenter Anchor
An 8th grade Jay Harris playing for the Culbreth Jr. High Cougars, Chapel Hill, NC.

Photo courtesy of Jay Harris Inset:  Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images
Photo courtesy of Jay Harris
Inset: Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images

Dan Quinn, Sofia Rocher, Andy Hall, Dave Nagle and Kristen Hudak contributed to this post.

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