ESPN’s Adam Schefter paces reporting during opening of NFL Free Agency

Adam Schefter isn't being rude to his colleagues; he's working his sources via text and talk!
Adam Schefter isn’t being rude to his NFL Insiders colleagues; he’s working his sources via text and talk!

In an early screening version of the upcoming film “Draft Day,” fictional Cleveland Browns GM Sonny Weaver Jr. is informed that he has a phone call. The caller: ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, who is seeking information on what the Browns’ 2014 NFL Draft plans are.

Weaver, as portrayed by Kevin Costner, grumbles that he will not take media calls on this day, of all days. The embattled team executive begins to add a colorful suggestion about what Schefter can do with his quest for news.

That’s Hollywood. In the real world, plenty of NFL sources take Schefter’s calls.

The start of 2014 NFL Free Agency yesterday was clear evidence of that, as Schefter fielded phone calls, emails and texts while breaking news of free agent signings on NFL Insiders and other ESPN programs until late in the evening. An estimated 28 free agent deals were made in the first two hours alone. Schefter’s reporting and his Twitter feed (@AdamSchefter) provided a fast-paced running scorecard of NFL player movement.

Schefter’s reporting was so impressive, many of his ESPN coworkers, fans and even fellow NFL reporters at other news outlets took notice.

Seth Markman, senior coordinating producer for ESPN’s NFL studio shows, put it this way: “I have grown to have big expectations from Adam, but he really blew me away yesterday.”

As the tweets below attest, Markman was not alone.








































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