ICYMI: The week on Front Row


• Another April Fools’ Day prank by First Take helped to once again show the passion and dedication of FT fans

• ESPN soccer commentator Ian Darke stars in a viral video in which he provides “play-by-play” for a couple’s first date.

• Here’s how ESPN reacted to news of David Letterman’s retirement

• ESPN NASCAR, IndyCar and X Games reporter Jamie Little adds blimp ride to adrenaline rush bucket list


1. Baseball season is back:

2. By Skip Bayless: For better or worse, golf is dependent on Tiger Woods’ playing.

3. Mercer basketball player Kevin Canevari joins ESPN Numbers Never Lie’s Michael Smith and Jemele Hill to help them learn the Nae Nae. Read more about Canevari’s visit to ESPN here.

4. Enjoy an array of photos from the ESPN Images’ Images of the Week.

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